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Hydrofarm Grow Light 200w

Looking for a system that willage and grow your vegetables? look no further than the hydrofarm 200w grow light! This system is designed for use with major vegetables such as potatoes, apples, and more. With a day bulb that ranges from 200 wattage to 600 wattage, this system will let you grow your vegetables the way you want them to look and smell. Plus, the light itself is designed to be used in either the dark or the daytime, making this system perfect for both home cooks and agricultural teams.



By Hydrofarm

USD $68.86

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We are a hydrofarm company that products cmpct fluor light. Our system includes a 200w grow light that is perfect for grow plants and plants will enjoy the bright light that cmpct fluor light provides. This system is easy to use and is perfect for plants that need light most.
this is a hydrofarm 200w grow light. It is a compact fluorescent fixture that does not require a lamp or lens. It is perfect for using in a small space or as a light source in a grow room.
the hydrofarm 200w grow light is a compact fluorescent grow light that is 200w max. It provides standard fluorescent light for water and crops. The light is reflector- hooded to provide natural light directly into the eyes of the plant. The light can be used for hydroponic farming or other light-based green production.